House Design

There are so many ways that you can use to create an eco-friendly home. Creating an eco-friendly home may start small, but as you save money, you can create bigger changes and even save more money. Remember eco design is not only ideal for the home but is also good for the wallet. Here are few eco-friendly house design ideas.

Eco-friendly Ideas

Windows and doors

The window and the door add some light to thjmkb25werd5te6dy27e entryway and also allow insulation and warmth to escape. Choose a door without any windows and ensure that it’s made of an eco-friendly wood that saves more energy than other things in the house. Normally, houses lose almost 30% of heat through the doors and windows especially if they are not eco-friendly designed. Search for doors and windows that are energy efficient for your zone.

Compost your kitchen scraps

Many things that we normally throw away can be composted. For instance, paper towels, fruits, vegetable peels, coffee grounds, eggs cells, napkins among others can be recycled to produce compost. This is very suitable for the surrounding since it keeps them from building up methane gas which often plays a huge role in global warming. Even if you are staying in an urban environment, you can still have a compost bin on your balcony for doing this.

Eco-friendly energy

One of the most popular Eco-friendly house design ideas is installing solar panels. This is because it reduces energy usage and makes more energy for use. Although putting up the panels is expensive, they are very much cost effective in the long run. Also, you can opt for natural gas. To ensure that your air conditioning and heating units are as eco-friendly as they are supposed to be, get energy star label.

Replace old appliances

Your old appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters could be wastjmkbw35edr52e6y27ing a lot of energy. Replacing them with new energy efficient appliances will help you save a lot of energy. However, if you cannot afford to replace your water heater you can buy a blanket and wrap it around the water heater. You will easily get these blankets in most home improvement stores and take only a couple of minutes to install. This will reduce the wasted energy.

Natural Paints

Getting a green interior often starts with a paint that does not contain volatile organic compounds. Look for natural paints that are made up of minerals, extracts, and plant oils that are safe and environment-friendly. Also, avoid plastics that contain harmful materials. Instead, choose instead of plastic for home design. Some of the best alternatives that you can go for include aluminum galvanized steel and zinc.